How can I lock the internet access?

My daughter is using her computer to study but at the same time she is using the internet to check her facebook.
I want her to study so I'd like to know the way to lock the internet. I would like to put a password whenever someone wants to use the internet the system should ask for the password, if you enter it correctly then you have access. How do I lock her internet access?

asked by Guest_ in Internet | 1910 views | 01-08-2010 at 04:40 PM

Well there is a software application called Internet Password Lock. The software program is
for Windows 2000/XP/NT/7 computers and allows you to password protect all access to the Internet. This includes Web surfing, Instant Messaging, and email.

You just install the application in your daughter's computer and when she tries to access the internet she will have to write a password.

answered by Johnny | 01-09-2010 at 05:28 PM

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