How long does it take for a sore throat to get better?

My throat is pretty sore right now, I can barely talk and I have an important meeting soon.
My question is how long will it take for my sore throat to get better, I know my throat won't make it to today's meeting but tomorrow I have something important too so I need my healthy throat back!
How long?

asked by Guest_ in Diseases & Conditions | 2506 views | 01-07-2010 at 09:00 PM

Well it depends on what is causing your throat to be sore and which medications you are taking for it.

your 'sore throat' could now be a laryngitis or tonsilitis. thats an infection that usually does not go away by itself = you prob will have to take antibiotics. indicator for that is swating (=>fever) trouble swallowing (+ a lot of pain i would guess).
when your breath begins to smell different, its an other indicator for the infections mentioned above.

I had a sore throat (and nasty cough) for 2-3 weeks. After developing an abdominal rash, I went to the doctor and was given an antiviral medication. It was gone in 5 days.

answered by Hagrid | 01-08-2010 at 03:31 PM

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