The Inside Of My Nose Is Burning?

I'm having an allergic reaction to dust and the inside of my nose is burning a lot.
This used to happen sometimes when I was a little boy but since last week it happens frequently.
I have been blowing my nose and it's burning even more. Basically the inside of my nose is on fire, and it hurts to even touch it with tissue paper. Why does it burn so much? What medication do you recommend for my nose?

asked by Guest_ in Diseases & Conditions | 19106 views | 01-07-2010 at 07:10 PM

Allergies normally cause the inside of my nose to burn. If its the inside of the nose then it might be some sort of allergic reaction with something inside the place.

If your nose is stuffy, and runny, sometimes the inside of the nostrils can become inflammed and sensitive to cold dry air which can cause a burning sensation. Sometimes sinus infections can cause post nasal drip and even slight bleeding, or blood mixed into snot. Sometimes when you drink something cold the mucous in your chest can congeal causing a "frozen" type sensation. I personally have felt all of these symptoms before, I'm no doctor, and my opinion is certainly not professional, but it sounds like you have the common cold. Drink some hot tea to loosen the mucous, buy some saline solution at your local pharmacy for your nose, and talk to your doctor about a possible sinus infection.

If you are over weight and prone to high blood pressure, I would recommend you see a physician for a complete checkup.

answered by Stephanie | 01-07-2010 at 08:04 PM

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