Howard Stern Leaving Sirius Radio?

Howard Stern’s five year contract with Sirius XM satellite radio is scheduled to expire in January 2011—now just a year and a half away. Since new contract talks are about to begin in 2010, Howard Stern sees a prime opportunity to play hardball with Sirius Radio.

Is Howard Stern really leaving Sirius XM Radio? Or is it just a bluff to get more money?

asked by Rein in Celebrity | 2388 views | 12-25-2009 at 09:45 PM

Howard Stern is threatening to leave Sirius XM Radio Inc. now that the he and the satellite radio provider are getting set to enter contract talks in 2010.

That threat probably seems less daunting to Sirius than it once would have. Sirius originally wanted Stern so badly that it gave him the most lucrative radio contract ever, a five-year deal that started in 2006 and paid him $500 million in cash and stock.

Today, he doesn't have many places left to go – at least if he wants another huge payday.

I don't think he's leaving sirius radio.
Howard Stern is threatening to walk if he isn't given more money, but with no place to go, it doesn't come off as much of a threat.

answered by King | 12-25-2009 at 09:47 PM

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