Sean Goldman Story?

Did you read about the Sean Goldman Story? Today a Brazillian federal appeals court ruled that Sean Goldman, a little 9-year-old kid should be returned to his father David Goldman and be allowed to return to New Jersey.
It is a travesty of justice and very cruel that Sean was being kept from his father! How can Brazil justify denying custody to the father? I don't know the whole story though.
This child was born in America and kidnapped by his dead mother. Regardless of how well he is being cared for; he should have been returned a long time ago to his biological parent.
What is the complete story of Sean Goldman? Why did america let this happen? Please tell me the complete story.

asked by Adam in Law & Ethics | 3903 views | 12-16-2009 at 10:34 PM

This is a very sad story. Dateline made a story on it, showing the father in a favorable light. Here is a summarized version of the story:

1) Sean Goldman's father meets nice girl from a well to do family from Brazil during his modeling stint in Italy;

2) They get married and have a son Sean Goldman; former male model settles down in New Jersey and becomes a loving father and husband;

3) Husband thinks everything is all right. In-laws from Brazil come to visit and wife and son go back with them for a 2 week vacation. Husband takes family to airport and plans to join them later;

4) A few days later, he receives a phone call that shocks him. His wife is saying she is saying in Brazil for good and wants full custody of Sean Goldman. She also tells him to not even try to prosecute her criminally or else;

5) Wife gets a divorce in Brazil and gets remarried. Later, she dies. Sean Goldman's father tries to get son back and the grandparents and the stepfather, protected by the slow and inneficiant Brazilian judicial system, stall the possibility of father and son being reunited.

6) David Goldman, the father, has been in a 4 year battle with Brazilian authorites to recover his son.

That's pretty much the whole story. Things like this should not happen.

answered by Adin | 12-16-2009 at 10:36 PM

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