Richard Roberts Daughters?

Richard Roberts has passed away due to health complications, just a day after he fell in his home and was hospitalized.
Roberts's personal tragedy came in 1977, when his daughter and son-in-law were killed in a plane crash. The experience prompted him to found the City of Faith Medical and Research Center in 1981, merging the healing power of medicine and prayer.
Also, there was a scandal in his life regarding his other daughters. What was that all about and how many daughters did Richard Roberts have?

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Richard Roberts' daughter Rebecca Nash, was killed in an airplane crash along with her husband, businessman Marshall Nash. Robertís eldest son, Ronald, committed suicide in June 1982, after receiving a court order to get counseling at a drug treatment center.
His wife Evelyn died May 4, 2005. Two other children of Roberts are living, his son Richard, who is a well-known evangelist and former president of Oral Roberts University (ORU), and his daughter Roberta Potts, a lawyer.

It was a life full of tragedy for Richard Roberts. In total he had 2 daughters.

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roberts correction
you are talking about Oral, not Richard, Roberts

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