Taylor Swift Straight Hair Wallpaper?

Taylor Swift is celebrating her latest milestone - with a new hairdo.
She was spotted with straight hair while heading out to dinner in NYC.

I follow Taylor swift on twitter and she said:
"Photo shoot all day, followed by dinner with Emma Stone. Then we wandered around a candy store like wide-eyed little kids."

Is there a wallpaper of Taylor Swift with straight hair so I can put it on my computer's desktop?

asked by Rianas in Music | 12952 views | 12-10-2009 at 09:23 PM

Taylor Swift looks amazing no matter how she has her hair. Straight, curly, she has style with either of them. It does look different, and it was a bold choice and she definitely pulled it off. She is such a beautiful woman.

This is the best wallpaper I found about her, it's not exactly straight but close.


answered by Collin | 12-10-2009 at 09:30 PM

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