School Closings in Wisconsin Due To Swine Flu?

The are some cases of swine flu identified in Wisconsin, including two in Milwaukee, prompting officials to close four city schools indefinitely as global health authorities warned that the virus could soon become a pandemic.
I'm very worried about this, I don't want to get a swine flu vaccine but I don't think I'll have a choice.
How many cases of swine flu were detected in Wisconsin?

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One adult and one child in Milwaukee are believed to have swine flu, Bevan K. Baker, the city's health commissioner, said during a news conference Wednesday.
That was the reason of the school closings.

The adult and child are not related.

A third probable case was identified in Adams County, according to state health officials.

As of Wednesday, the state reported it has submitted 144 suspected cases for testing, 41 came out negative, 100 were pending and the three were listed as probable.

A number of children with connections to the two Milwaukee cases are exhibiting symptoms of swine flu, Baker said. Those children attend various Milwaukee Public Schools and are being monitored by health professionals.

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