Ring Around The Moon Meaning?

i doubt it's anything special, it's probably just the moonlight reflecting off of the fog, but there's a perfect circle surrounding the moon with the moon directly in the middle. i've never seen anything like it.
can someone please tell me what it is?
i'm asking here to see if there's any myth to go with it.

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Why is there sometimes a ring around the moon? Is it useful for weather forecasting?
Contrary to what some people think, the ring around the moon is not due to failure of the moon to use the proper laundry detergent. Rather, the ring is caused by the reflection of moonlight off of ice crystals in high, thin clouds. The ring has a radius of 22 degrees, which is set by the properties of water.

Most often, the ring around the moon (and also around the sun) is caused by high, thin cirrus clouds -- sometimes too thin to be seen by any other means. Cirrus clouds tend to precede weather fronts, meaning that bad weather is likely ahead. So, it is often said that a ring around the moon or sun indicates rain.

To the best of my knowledge, professional meteorologists do not use the appearance of a ring to forecast the weather.

Source: http://www.ucolick.org/~mountain/AAA/answers/answers/021602.html

answered by Asia | 12-02-2009 at 02:52 PM

A halo around the moon is caused by ice crystals the the upper atmosphere. When the light from the moon shines though them it is diffused by the ice crystals causing the halo effect. This is the same condition that causes sun dogs which is a small strip of rainbow colors left and right of the sun and with opposing color bands but because the sunlight is mush stronger and brighter you get the rainbow strips at the light is refracted (bent).

answered by Luci | 12-02-2009 at 02:52 PM

This rare sighting means that you will have good luck. This luck will last only on the night of the moon Halo until the sun comes up the following morning. You would be advised to go to your nearest casino and, chances are that you will win.

answered by Patrick Flynn | 12-28-2009 at 04:20 AM

last night
here in Augusta, GA around 2 in the morning, i let my hound out for the restroom potty-times and was struck still in my tracks, there wasn't a cloud in sight, only clear heaven and an almost full moon surrounded by a perfect circle. I'd seen this before, but this was the most intense ring i've experienced, the distance between to moon and the ring seemed vast, i couldn't capture the entire view in my camera. i read that a ring means rain or bad weather. today we received 6" or cool rain after a 3week dry spell.

it may just be refraction, but the night couldn't have been clearer in my eyes. i slept outside to try and soak-up as much moon-glow as possible.

answered by Guest | 10-25-2010 at 07:36 PM

I was also taking my dog to the restroom and I saw it. A perfect circle. What does it mean. There is a small string coming off the circle on the right. And a star (just one in the entire sky) on the right as well. I don't know why but it makes me happy and excited.


answered by Guest | 12-17-2010 at 03:49 AM

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