College Football Bowl Game Predictions 2009?

Bowl games were originally founded as a way to match up some of the top teams in the country for an exhibition game after the season has concluded. In fact, the finals polls didn’t include bowl games until the 1970s! The original bowl game, the Rose Bowl, has become the most celebrated in the country outside of the newly created BCS National Championship Game and is known now as the ‘Granddaddy of them All.’ Since then, bowl games have become an integral part of every college football season.
What are the College Football Bowl Game predictions for 2009?

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Some predictions:

About the national title matchup from Pasadena, California, this game is schedule for January 7th and will pit the top 2 teams in the BCS rankings. Our predictions are calling for Florida to beat Alabama in the SEC championship game and for Texas to be on the opposite side in this year’s college football championship.

If Alabama loses like the predictions state then they will still be eligible for a BCS bowl game. The Sugar Bowl looks like the likely scenario since the SEC champion (Florida) already has a game and the Crimson Tide would slide into their spot just fine. TCU is the other team in our Sugar Bowl predictions as we expect Pittsburgh to upset Cincinnati for the Big East championship and for the Orange Bowl to take the Panthers over the Horned Frogs.

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That means that Pittsburgh will take on Georgia Tech (the Orange Bowl has to take the ACC champion) in the 2009 BCS Bowl predictions.

Boise State and Iowa are the two teams in our 2009 BCS Bowl predictions for the Fiesta Bowl. Boise traveled incredibly the last time they were in this game and Iowa makes sense since the Big 12 champion is playing for the national title game and that leaves two open spots for teams. These two are the best remaining after other BCS Bowl choices are made.

The Rose Bowl is the easiest of the 2009 BCS Bowl predictions since the Pac 10 champion will take on the Big Ten champion and both teams don’t have prior national championship engagements. Look for the Oregon Ducks to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes here in one of the best college football bowl games of the year.

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