OU OSU Bedlam History?

Bedlam football is supposed to happen one day each year instead of for three months. This is that day. The last Saturday in November, when Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have an annual date to determine who will hold Bedlam bragging rights for the next 365 days.
What is the OU OSU Bedlam History?
How did the whole thing started?

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This is what I found about the OU OSU Bedlam History:

The Bedlam Series is, like most other intrastate rivalries, a rivalry that goes beyond one or two sports. Both schools also have rivalries with other schools, though most of those rivalries are limited to one or two sports at the most.

When the Bedlam Series gained Ford and the Bank of Oklahoma as corporate sponsors, the series became much more formalized. A points system was adopted in order to award a winner of the all athletic competitions combined between the two schools. A crystal bell trophy is awarded to individual Bedlam game winners (such as football), in addition to a trophy for the overall series champion for that year. The "Bedlam Bell" is modeled after the bell clapper in Old Central, the oldest building on Oklahoma State's campus. For a time, the actual bell clapper was a traveling trophy for the two schools, until the popularity of this tradition waned.

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