Zindy Nielsen's drawings

These drawings were made by Zindy Nielsen from Copenhagen, Denmark. Her biggest passion is drawing, and she's always creating emotional and beautiful artworks.
Zindy started to draw when she was a little girl. She says: "I love to portray feelings, especially sad ones as it has a great meaning to me. My favourite motive is the human face as well as fairies and angels, there's something magic about it. I love to create something based on an emotion."

asked by monster_ in Art | 10214 views | 01-22-2008 at 03:04 PM

Coal drawing is one of my favorite forms of art. I like her work on Hayden.

answered by Mimz | 01-22-2008 at 10:47 PM

I always wanted to draw like that.
Her best work is the Marilyn drawing without a doubt.

answered by kingToad | 01-23-2008 at 04:40 AM

A truly talented girl, she has a bright future.

answered by Osiris | 01-23-2008 at 06:17 AM

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