Obama State Dinner Guest List?

State dinners are just one of the things that every President does, always has done, and always will do.
The details of the Obamas' first state dinner have been kept tightly under wraps.
Was wondering about the State Dinner guest list, who's in and who's out?

asked by Braden in Politics | 2235 views | 11-24-2009 at 09:15 PM

Guest list:

Politico reports some of the expected attendees at the Obama State Dinner include Nancy Pelosi, United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, Senator John Kerry, Senator **** Lugar, Vishakha N. Desai, president of the Asia Society, M. Night Shyamalan, Ari Emanuel of WME Entertainment, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Raju Narisetti, managing editor of the Washington Post, Kal Penn, Associate Director of White House Office of Public Engagement, CNN's Sanjay Gupta, David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

answered by Elias | 11-24-2009 at 09:19 PM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also snagged an invite. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican of Indian descent, will be there. He was invited when President George W. Bush hosted India for a state dinner in 2005 as well. The House Republican leader, Rep. John Boehner, won't be there just two days before Thanksgiving; he'll be home in Ohio. His deputy, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, didn't rate an invite, although he was invited to the elaborate welcoming ceremony that afternoon.

answered by Cattie | 11-24-2009 at 09:20 PM

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