Drew Gooden slur to Chris Wylde?

The NBA is reviewing the incident. One of the fans made the accusations to Outsports.com, a Web site that focuses on gay issues in sports. The team source said that a man walking out of the Staples Center with Gooden was the one who made the offensive comments.

Chris Wylde who is not gay, said the comments were made after he and his friend sat courtside, adjacent to the Mavericks bench, and did some "good-natured" heckling.
What was the slur exactly?

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Gooden reportedly used a homophobic slur at a fan sitting behind his team's bench. According to reports, Gooden reacted to two fans who were mocking teammate Dirk Nowitzki.

So what did Drew Gooden say? After the game, Gooden reportedly turned to the fans and called them "faggots." One of the fans in question was Chris Wylde, an actor and Clippers season ticket holder.

Wylde talked about his experience with Drew Gooden.

"After the game we went to the souvenir shop and my friend said he wanted to check if one of the kiosks had a particular jersey he was looking for, so he headed back through the stadium and I followed a few feet behind. I saw him look shocked and turn to me, then I heard from Drew Gooden who was surrounded by three or four guys walking past me and pointing to me, 'there's that other ******.' He had said 'there's that ******' about my friend and that's why he turned to me shocked. It was completely unsolicited. We said nothing to him during the game, or in the hallway. He just called us both 'faggots' because he's a bigoted spoiled bully."

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