Christian Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids?

I am the leader of a Girl Scout troop. We need good Thanksgiving crafts for 8 year old christian boys and girls. Easy, fun and entertaining for kids.
I was told that i had to come up with a few thanksgiving crafts. Im running out of ideas! Please can you help me think of some fun crafts that aren't too complex that they can take home?

asked by Wolf in Holidays | 4945 views | 11-03-2009 at 10:07 PM

Some thanksgiving craft ideas for kids:

Fall Tree

What you need:
Paper (Big piece)
Markers, paint, crayons, etc.
Fall Leaves
Step 1: Collect pretty fall leaves.
Step 2. Trace your hand with your fingers spread and your arm up to your elbow on your piece of paper. This will be your tree.
Step 3. Color with markers, paint or crayons the inside of your tree.
Step 4: Glue your leaves onto your tree. You can add any decorative touches you want Such as apples, acorns, squirrels etc.

Corn Collage

What you need:
Construction paper: green, yellow, orange, brown, etc.
Colors, markers, paint, etc.
Step 1: Using the template, cut out the corn cob and husks.
Step 2. Color the corn and the husks.
Step 3. Glue the corn to the colored construction paper.
Step 4. Spread glue on the corn and cover with the popcorn

answered by Laura | 11-03-2009 at 10:09 PM

An Apple Tree

What you need:
Construction paper: Red, White
Markers, Crayons, etc.
Step 1: Using the template, cut out the outline of the tree.
Step 2. Trace around the outline onto the white construction paper.
Step 3. Using markers or crayons, color the inside of your outline.
Step 4. Using red construction paper, cut out apple shapes.
Step 5. Glue your apples onto your tree. Put some apples around the base of the tree.

answered by Tor | 11-03-2009 at 10:09 PM

Fall Leaf Person

What you need:
Fall Leaves
Markers, crayons, glitter, etc.
Art Paper or construction paper
Step 1: Glue one leaf to your paper. This will be the body of your leaf man or woman.
Step 2. Using your markers or crayons, create a leaf person by drawing arms, legs, head, etc. Be creative. Cut out shapes from construction paper to create hats, purses, rakes, etc.
Step 3. You can also use pipe cleaners for arms and legs.

answered by Elena | 11-03-2009 at 10:10 PM

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