Nicole Chauvet: Car Accident?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Nicole Chauvet, a 19-year-old education major who attended Penn State Altoona, died as a result of a car accident which injured four other students.
Chauvet was a cheerleader. She was really a kid at heart.
I knew her, who were the other people on the car when the accident happened?

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According to the Gazette, Chauvet and friends were riding in a Honda Civic Sunday evening when the car made a left turn into the path of a Jaguar. Though the car had a green light, the Civic apparently did not yield to before turning onto the path, according to Logan Township Police Chief Ron Heller.

After the accident, the students then were taken to Altoona Regional Medical Center, where Chauvet was pronounced dead. One of Nicole Chauvetís friends told the Gazette that the sophomore, also a cheerleader was intending to transfer to Penn Stateís main campus to finish her bachelorís degree at the time of her death.

The four other students were Chauvetís roommates, according to a neighbor. One of the roommates is reportedly in a medically induced coma. The driver of the Jaguar reportedly sustained minor injuries.

RIP Nicole Chauvet, we will miss you.

answered by Gazette | 11-02-2009 at 11:03 PM

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