Jeanne Merrill Death?

The parents of four girls were killed in a multi-car crash Saturday as they headed home in their vehicle with an Italian takeout meal.
Michael K. Merrill, 47, and Jeanne M. Merrill, 42, were traveling north on Fairfax County Parkway with three of their daughters, ages 13, 3 and 18 months, when their Honda Pilot was hit by another car. The two vehicles then crossed into southbound traffic, where another car and a truck hit them, about a quarter-mile north of the Rolling Road exit.
I can't even imagine how sad those little kids must be now. I hope they can get over their parent's deaths. Who is going to take care of them?

asked by Alfredy in Parenting & Children | 3400 views | 10-28-2009 at 05:23 PM

Finding out about Jeanne and Mike Merrill's death left me with my mouth open.
They were so dedicated to their children. This is truly horrible my prayers are with the families of all involved.
The kids will probably be taken care by relatives.

After the accident, the three girls who were on the car at the moment of the impact, were taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital. Their fourth child was spending time with another family for a movie night.

Poor little girls.

answered by Trma | 10-28-2009 at 05:30 PM

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