Jacob Kell Serial Killer?

Who is Jacob Kell the serial killer?
My grandfather told me there's not too much information about him because a small group of vigilates took it upon themselves to find, try, and kill Jacob Kell the serial killer. The mourning period was brief and the victims and their alleged killer were all buried and quickly forgotten by the townspeople.
Is there more about Jacob and the victims he killed?

asked by Bacon in Law & Ethics | 9624 views | 10-24-2009 at 09:24 PM

As legend has it, it is the gruesome tale of Arizona's most notorious serial killer. A monster who caused more destruction than Winnie Ruth Judd and Charles Manson combined. It is the life of Jacob Kell, who in 1945 slaughtered an unprecedented 35 people before he was killed.

Jacob Kell was born slow but that was the least of his problems. Like his father before him Jacob also heard voices. These voices told him to do things... bad things.

At 15 Jacob stood over 6'4".. When Otis beat him he didn't even flinch this made Otis extremely angry. One night in September 1945, Otis in a drunken rage, chased Sissy out of the house. He grabbed her by the arm and threw her to the ground. Her head snapped against a large rock. She died instantly. What Jacob did to Otis is unfit to be told. After killing Otis, Jacob took his sister's body and waged a war against the society that shunned him. By the end 35 people were dead. It wasn't until October 31, 1945 that Jacob was cornered and killed.

Legend says that the voices told Jacob to bury his sister's body in a graveyard behind the barn. And someday in the ultimate societal revenge, Jacob will come back from his grave.

answered by Brian | 10-24-2009 at 09:24 PM

From what I can piece together based on what little I have found regarding the murders it appears that on September 13, 1945 police found 2 people dead at the residence of Jacob Kell's Family. Harold Kell, age 38 and Marian Kell, age 35 are both found dead in their small shack of a home. The Harolds body is reportedly torn apart limb from limb, the Marian head has been bludgeoned and her body covered by a sheet. The son, Jacob Kell, age 15 and daughter Melissa "Sissy" Kell, age 10, are both missing. Jacob Kell is immediatly sought as a suspect for the crimes.

That same day Jacob is reported to kill 5 more people at another home over a mile away from the first crime scene. This time a witness sees a large man walking away from the house with the body of a small girl over his shoulder. The family's name is Furier, I have not been able to find the individual victims name nor any information on who the witness was.

I got this information from the web tenthirtyone.

answered by Lorelay | 10-24-2009 at 09:31 PM

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