Sister Hazel Songs?

I just discovered this band Sister Hazel and I'm loving most of the songs. I was just wondering how big their following was considering they are not a very publicized band.
My favorite album is Somewhere More Familiar. My favorite songs are Just Rember, Happy, All For You, Change Your Mind, Thank You and Beautiful Thing.
Where can I find a list of all the songs released by Sister Hazel?

asked by Muria in Music | 2656 views | 10-24-2009 at 02:33 PM

of course, Sister Hazel is a great band! The songs are so good.
Here's a list of all the albums they made:

Studio Albums

2008: Before The Amplifiers: Live Acoustic
2007: Santa's Playlist
2007: BAM! Volume 1
2006: Absolutely
2006: Just The Tip
2005: Lift: Acoustic Renditions
2005: Rhino Hi-Five: Sister Sledge
2004: Lift
2004: A Life In The Day
2004: Live Live
2003: Chasing Daylight
2001: Champagne High
2000: Fortress
1998: All For You, Pt. 2
1997: All For You, Pt. 1
1997: . . . Somewhere More Familiar
1997: Happy
1997: Concede
1994: Sister Hazel

answered by Connie | 10-24-2009 at 02:35 PM

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