Helen Mirren Topless: Helen's Naked Pictures?

Helen Mirren has posed topless for New York Magazine as part of the Juergen Teller shoot to publicize her latest role as a brothel madam in an upcoming movie "Love Ranch", a film which is directed by her husband Taylor Hackford.
She has a lot of courage to pose naked at age 65. It demonstrates she's such a good actress.

The naked pictures of Helen Mirren are online but most sites censor them. Where can I see the photos with no edits?

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Helen Mirren's no stranger to getting her boobs out and generally flashing her flesh in her later years. And she's done it again.

I have to applaud Mirren and New York Magazine for having the courage to pull this off. First of all, this is New York Magazine. It's not Playboy. It's not even Vanity Fair.

With a career spanning over 40-years in the business, Helen has certainly proved herself to be a survivor. In her latest role, Mirren plays Grace Botempo, the madam of a booming 1970’s Reno whorehouse. Directed by Helen’s longtime husband, Taylor Hackford, “Love Ranch” finds Grace embroiled in a steamy affair with a boxer 30-years her junior after being diagnosed with cancer and becoming frustrated with her sleazy husband (played by Joe Pesci).

This is one of the pictures of Helen Mirren naked in the bathtub.

Helen Mirren naked

Speaking to the magazine, she said: 'I'm still the good girl who wants to be a bad girl. But I'll never make it as a bad girl.

You can see the rest of the topless pictures at New York Magazine's website.

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