Largest Margin of Victory in College Football?

I was talking with my friends and this came up. Since we did not have the answer I thoght of searching on the internet but I couldn't find an aswer. So the question basically is: What is the largest margin of victory in a college football game?

asked by Indra in Football | 6459 views | 10-19-2009 at 01:07 AM

John W. Heisman's Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets beat Cumberland College 222-0 on October 7, 1916. This is the accepted worst defeat in history. Way back win John Heisman coached. I do not recall the team he coached or the team they whomped, but I have the information at home.
The stat that has always fascinated me about that game is the fact that Georgia Tech did not have a single first down. That means that they scored on every play from scrimmage.

answered by Andy | 10-19-2009 at 01:08 AM

I beg to differ. Not having any first downs does not mean that they scored on every play from scrimmage. What it does mean is that when they did score (which was most likely every possession - but without seeing the score book even that isn't a given) they did so in 4 total downs or less.

Another important factor most likely in that game was the forward pass. 1916 was the first year it was legalized in college football. So this added a lot more scoring to the potential of a team as powerful as Georgia Tech with their coach, John Heisman.

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According to the play-by-play, Georgia Tech did have a few first downs, but it appears likely that Tech scored on every drive without fail. They also scored a number of defensive touchdowns.

answered by Guest | 11-20-2010 at 08:09 AM

play by play
If anyone knows where I can get a play by play of the first Rose Bowl, let me know. My great-grandfather played for Michigan that season. I would also like the play by play when they slaughtered Buffalo 128-0. Thank in advance. *****

Please email any info, as I stumbled across this site by pure accident.

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