Baltimore Marathon Review?

I am looking for a good Baltimore Marathon review.
I'm planning on running my first marathon. I've never done a marathon of any kind. I do run at the gym and around my neighborhood for my work out so i decided to try a marathon, I am a 18 year old male.
So, where can I read a good review of the Baltimore Marathon?

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Here's a good review of the Baltimore Marathon I found at

" Friday morning getting ready to head downtown, I was so nervous that I was literally shaking. I was meeting my walking buddies, Pat and Lily, who I had never met before but knew from the Baltimore thread on the Prevention discussion board. We were meeting at the race expo. I got there first and picked up my race packet, timing chip & bib number, and T-shirt. And I think I finally started to calm down. I met Pat first and we got her all checked in. Then right as Pat and I were going to head to the Hotel, Lily arrived in town and we went back to meet her. Lily didn't go to dinner with us since it was getting late. Kath came up from DC and had the pre race carb dinner with us, it was great to meet her. Kath had lots of good advice and talking with her helped me relax about the race. Saturday morning, Pat and I got up and went over to Lily's hotel since they had breakfast earlier than our hotel. Then we walked with a lot of other racers to the starting line. It was a beautiful morning, cool and clear. We headed to the back of the pack since we were walkers. We joked with the runners that we were only running the last 2 tenths of the race and we were walking the first 26 miles. It took about 3 minutes for us to cross the starting line and then we were off. The first mile was a slow upgrade and Lily got into her racewalking form and was off. Pat and I continued to hold a steady 14 minute mile pace throughout the first 16 miles. The people were great cheering everyone on. Even the cops at every intersection cheered us on and told us how great we were doing. Each cheer gave me chills of excitement throughout the entire race. Both times when we past through the Inner Harbor area, Pat's friend Mary Beth, was there cheering on and taking our pictures. The second time she even had cold water, bagels and bananas for us. Unfortunately my stomach was not feeling too good at that time. At one point heading out to Fort McHenry, the runners were heading back to the Inner Harbor, they were cheering us on. That was a great feeling to be cheered by the runners! We also saw Lily who was about 1.5 miles aheasd of us and she was looking good and strong. Fort McHenry was by far the most beautiful part of the race, walking along the water edge and seeing the Fort and "Old Glory" flying in the wind. Around mile 12, I started to developing chafing on my inner thigh and had to stop at the next potty station to get Vaseline on it, unfortunately wasn't until mile 16. I was starting to get a blister on my right heel at this point too. I put Vaseline and a Band-Aid on it. I started to slow down a bit and told Pat, who was going strong, that she could go ahead. But she stayed with me and kept me going. When my form started to relax too much she would yell at me to get my shoulders back, and my head up and push with my feet. After the last big hill at mile 21, they were handing out potato chips and I ate some and started feeling better and my pace started to pick up but my right foot with the blisters was really hurting bad. At mile 23, Pat said that we really need to pick up the pace if we were going to finish in the race time of 7 hours, which was our goal. Somewhere I dug deep inside of myself, changed my gait so my right heel didn't hit the ground as hard and I was off and going again. The last 2 miles Pat and I maintained an 13 minute mile pace and we actually did run the last 2 tenths of the race in good form. Ten yards after crossing the finishing line, they placed the medal around my neck and I was so excited. Then another vlounteer took off my timing chip. I headed to the water table and drank Gatorade and 2 cups of water. I kept walking around as not to tighten up. Pat's friend took a picture of the three of us (Lily, Pat and myself) with our medals and big smiles. Then I headed off the the massage tent to get my post race massage. That was the best thing I think I could of done. When the lady was done, I felt really good except for my blister. So I headed to the medical end of the tent and had a gauge bandage placed on my heel. My blister on the right foot is 1 inch by 3 inches and covers about 1/3 of my heel and still hurts really bad today. We headed back to the hotel and I thought for sure that I would crash and take a nap but I didn't. Pat and I rested for about one hour then we showered and went out for our celebration dinner. Today I feel pretty good and my legs didn't feel as sore or stiff like I thought they would. I even went out and tried teaching my youngest daughter to play tennis on Sunday afternoon. My biggest problem is my blister but that will get better in time. Pat and I are already planning our next race, the Shamrock half in VA Beach!


My advice is for during the marathon: soak up the experience. You only run one first marathon! And remember, as hard as it is, no matter how much pain or how tiring it may be, the feeling you have when you are finished is totally worth all the work you put into it to prepare and to actually run it. Finishing the marathon is one of the best feelings in the world.

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