Troy Polamalu's Wife Pictures?

Troy Polamalu was fined $10,000 for calling his wife on the sidelines after he was taken out for concussion-like symptoms.
Does Troy Polamalu have kids? If so, are there pictures of them?
What is his wife ethnicity, is she black or white? My brother says that Troy Polamalu's wife is beautiful and that they have a son but he doesn't know the names. I wonder if there are photos of them.
Some years ago I knew he had a girlfriend, I think her name was Theodora, I remember seeing pictures of her. Did Troy Polamalu marry her?

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Troy Polamalu has a wife, he is married to Theodora Holmes and has two sons Paisios and Ephraim.
I posted one of her pictures below, she is a beautiful woman.
His wife was involved in the NFL before she met him, she is the sister of player Alex Holmes.
Troy Polamalu borrowed the cell phone from a team trainer to let his wife know he was okay and that caused the fine.
Troy Polamalu's wife is from California and is the younger daughter of Mike Holmes, a well known football player from the University of Michigan back in the 1970ís.

Here is one of the pictures of Troy's wife.

Troy Polamalu Wife

answered by Arena | 10-22-2011 at 10:21 PM

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