Is Dolphin Tale Based on a True Story & a Book?

Is everything that happens in Dolphin Tale real? I mean, is the movie Dolphin Tale based on a true story or has it been adapted from a book?
I watched the movie and it was beautiful, the story is a about a dolphin who gets caught in a crab net. He's rescued by a fisherman and then taken to an aquarium in Miami.
Because the dolphin was stuck for some time, he loses his tale and then they make a silicon prosthetic for Winter (that's the name of the animal by the way) so it can swim.
It's such a good movie, I just want to know if it's real. Is it really based on a true story or is it just a book?

asked by Lea in Movies | 3183 views | 09-24-2011 at 12:53 PM

Dolphin tale is real and based on a true story that actually took place in Florida some years ago.
The injured dolphin was rescued from a crab trap and they did something amazing for him.
Winter was only 4 months old when she was rescued and was very small. I'm not sure if a book has been written about this story.
The best thing about Dolphin Tale is that the animal that you see in the movie is actually the real Winter, so that makes this movie all more real.

answered by Sally | 09-24-2011 at 12:54 PM

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