New Superman Henry Cavill Pictures?

British actor Henry Cavill has been cast as the new Superman in Zack Snyder's forthcoming take on the Man of Steel.

Warner Bros. officially announced Sunday that the British actor, best known for his role in "The Tudors" would be the next Superman.

Following in the footsteps of Reeves, Henry Cavill will become the fourth actor to play the character on the big screen.

Does Henry Cavill have a girlfriend? Where can I see pictures of him?

asked by Jason in Movies | 2629 views | 01-31-2011 at 06:27 PM

Producers were clear that they wanted a less famous star for their Superman reboot. Cavill was also up for 2006's Superman Returns before Brandon Routh got the role.

Up until now Henry Cavillís brushes with fame have been so tangential that he is still thrilled when people ask him for his autograph.

The 27-year-old will slip into the famous blue tights and a red cape for the 2012's 'Superman: Man of Steel' by Warner Bros.

I don't know if Henry Cavill is the right actor for the new Superman but I also said Heath Ledger was not the guy for the Joker.

Here's a picture of the new superman Henry Cavill.

New Superman Henry Cavill

answered by Leah | 01-31-2011 at 06:28 PM

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