How to Make Jello Shots Using Vodka: Quick Recipe?

I'm hosting a party and I'm going to be serving jello shots using Vodka. I had some delicious Jello shots made by a friend and they were delicious.
But how do I make them? Is there a quick recipe that explains how can I prepare the jello shots?

How do I add the vodka in? How much? Do I do like 1 cup of vodka, 1 cup of boiling water?
Please point me to a quick recipe, I don't have much time to prepare the jello shots.

asked by Lilly in Foods | 5536 views | 12-31-2010 at 11:22 PM

There are many flavors you can use to make these great colored jello shots using vodka. The whole point of doing jello shots is because they are so colorful and attractive, as well as sweet and alcoholic.

Here's a quick recipe for making a jello shot using vodka.


* 3 ounce Jell-O (in any flavor of your choice)
* 6 ounce Water
* 6 ounce Vodka


* Empty the gelatin into a bowl.
* Add boiling water and at the same time, stir the gelatin, until the gelatin melts down completely and mixes well.
* Refrigerate the concoction until it cools down.
* Drain into shot glasses, molds or a baking pan for a sheet of Jello to cut up once set.
* Refrigerate untill the liquid sets. Minimum refrigeration time is about two hours, but refrigeration overnight is normally suggested.
* Serve cold.

Never cook the alcohol or pour it into boiling water unless you want non-alcoholic jello shots. Allow more time than usual for the Jello to set because of the alcohol in it.
The best advice for a good jello shot is to never omit any water that is used.

answered by Lydia | 12-31-2010 at 11:23 PM

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