Lil Wayne 6'7 Lyrics Download?

Lilí Wayne has officially begun the countdown to Tha Carter IV with the drop of the albumís first single, 6'7''.

The track also serves as Wayne's official return to the music game since his release from prison last month.

Young Money's Cory Gunz features on the track, which MTV News notes was produced by the same guy behind Weezy's 2007 breakthrough single "A Milli," Bangladesh.

Where can I download the lyrics of Lil Wayne's 6'7''?

asked by Aileen in Music | 2264 views | 12-16-2010 at 06:32 AM

The new song 6'7'' is explicit to say the least, but if you can make them out, some of the lyrics are pretty clever. My favorite is when he talks about his prison sentence.

After the tune got it's debut on American radio, blog sites across the internet went mad for Weezy's new single, putting the radio rip of 6'7" live almost immediately after it's first play.

The word on Twitter is that "6í7" " is reminiscent of "A Milli." Lil Wayne snaps on "6' 7"," dropping some very quotable verses.

The track opens with the familiar "Six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch" hook from the 1950s song 'Day-O,' before giving way to a thumping bass line and repetitive vocal sample that continues throughout the song in the background.

You can find the lyrics here.

answered by Rupert | 12-16-2010 at 06:33 AM

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