Clay Duke Facebook?

Clay Duke is the gunman who fired point-blank at school board members before fatally shooting himself. He apparently had a facebook account.

It is believed that cameras captured the Panama City school board incident on film. In the video a man enters the Panama City school board meeting holding a gun.

Duke, whose wife had lost her job in local spending cuts, told them "I'm going to die today" before opening fire. He missed, and was shot by a security guard before killing himself.

Clay Duke left a foreboding message on his Facebook account: "Some people (the government sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster."

Does anyone know the URL of Clay Duke's Facebook profile?

asked by Albert in Law & Ethics | 2186 views | 12-15-2010 at 07:18 PM

I tried searching for Clay Duke's Facebook page but there are many persons with the same name on Facebook, I don't know which one is him.

Have you seen the video? It was scary to see Clay Duke so upset. He let off several rounds and incredibly he missed, the board members fell to their knees behind their desk.

After shots were fired, district security chief Mike Jones, a former police officer and board member, entered the room and exchanged fire with Duke, wounding him.

One shot hit Duke in the leg. The police told the Associated Press that Duke then turned his gun on himself and committed suicide.

answered by Henry | 12-15-2010 at 07:19 PM

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