Florida School Board Shooting Video?

Another school shooting occurred, but this time it was an adult who shot at several innocent people in a North Florida school board meeting.

The video of the meeting, which was being broadcast live by a local news website, was released soon afterwards.

In the chilling video captured by a WMBB News 13 camera, the board members try to reason with the man, named Clay Duke, and try to save one another from the gunman.

First, Clay Duke spray painted a red "V" on the wall, then he pulled out a gun. Duke dismissed the women and children from the room and took the remaining members hostage.

Is the full video of the Florida School Board shooting online? Can anyone point me to the youtube video?

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The Florida School Board shooting is all over the media right now, I just watched the video and it's definitely impressive. I just can't understand why security didn't respond quicker.

Clay Duke told the board his wife had been fired from the school, and that he intended to kill himself and the board along with him.

Clay Duke's wife worked for the schools, but it wasn't clear whether she resigned or had been fired or what her job was. She was apparently living with her mother in a nearby town.

In the midst of it all, one board member, a woman, tried knocking the gun out of his hand. She started hitting the gunman with bag but she was wrestled down.

Clay Duke eventually fired several shots and exchanged gunfire with Mike Jones, a security guard for the Bay County School District. Duke was shot several times. There were no other injuries in the Panama City school board shooting.

Here's the full youtube video of the Florida School Board shooting.

answered by Cali | 12-15-2010 at 06:31 PM

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