Gunman at School Board Meeting?

A US gunman has been captured on video entering a school governors' board meeting and opening fire on them at short range, then he killed himself.

Witnesses said that the gunman got into a heated discussion with board members about his wife needing a job.

Before speaking briefly about his wife being fired, the gunman spray painted the letter "V" on the wall, apparently a reference to the movie "V For Vendetta," then produced a handgun.

Prior to the Panama City School Board shooting, the gunman whose name is Clay Duke, reportedly left a message on his Facebook page.

How many people did the gunman kill at the School Board Meeting?

asked by Marshall in Law & Ethics | 2137 views | 12-15-2010 at 06:23 PM

No one was hurt, except for the gunman. Luckily, he missed every single one of his shots.

After Clay Duke ordered the audience to clear out and released the female school board members, the superintendent told him he had no idea who his wife was, but asked him to release the school board members since it was he who would have signed any termination papers.

Police said the gunman had been planning to do it for some time, since they checked his belongings and found his notes.

In the video you can barely decipher what the gunman is saying but he basically told board members he was upset over sales taxes and the apparent firing of his wife.

In the video, there is a woman who tries to be a hero and swings her purse at the gunman, in an attempt to knock the gun out of his hand. She falls to the ground, and Duke stands over her but does not kill her.

answered by Vivian | 12-15-2010 at 06:23 PM

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