William and Kate: Royal Engagement Pictures?

The official royal engagement pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton have been released and they are definitely a departure from the stiff portraits of previous Royals.

The two released pictures show William and Kate comfortably cuddled together in one and elegantly poised in the other.

William's taste in photographers is apparently the same as his mother's, the pictures were taken by a good friend of Princess Diana and her favorite photographer.

Is there a website that published the pictures in high quality?

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The pictures were taken in St. James' Palace in London on Nov. 25. The pair will be wed April 29, 2011 in what will be the biggest royal family nuptials since Prince William's father Prince Charles wed his late mother Diana in 1981.

One of the two pictures of William and Kate taken by Mario Testino shows the couple, dressed in jeans and casual tops, smiling in each others' arms. The other, more formal, depicts them standing together in a state room at St. James's Palace.

The photographer is a royal family favorite who captured some of the most iconic images of Prince William's late mother, Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton did her own makeup for the photos, as she did for her televised post-engagement interview.
Here are the Royal engagement pictures, try the official Royalty website for high quality images.

William and Kate Royal Engagement

Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement

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