Justin Bieber Haircut: How To Video Tutorial?

I am teenage boy and i want my hair to look like Justin Bieber's! Its awesome. I already have longer hair. Does anyone know how i can get my hair to look like that?
Do you girls think its a good idea or should i just cut it? By the way I have brown hair and blue eyes.
How do you style the "Justin Bieber" haircut?
I have the same hair as him but it never does what his does.

Is there a hot to video where I can see how to style my hair like Justin Bieber? I just need a tutorial so I know what I'm doing.

asked by Valerie in Celebrity | 5840 views | 12-01-2010 at 12:47 AM

Just bring a picture of Justin Bieber showing the cut that you want and ask for it. The hairdresser will base your haircut from the picture. But honestly, a lot of guys have that hairstyle.
Here's a good picture of Justin Bieber's haircut:

Justin Bieber Haircut

I was always curious about the name of Justin Bieber's haircut. Most sources seem to call it the"fringe" or the "flow", but then when you search those hairstyles it's all women.

Some hairstyle tips: Justin Bieber's hair looks naturally straight, no need for straighteners. Do comb, not brush. Combing your hair will give you that sleek, shiny look. Use shower conditioner, but don't over do it. Before you go to bed wear a beanie and turn it a little bit, to which ever side you want your bangs to be sweep.

Here's Justin Bieber explaining how he does his hair every day, not exactly a how to video tutorial but you get to see how it's done.

answered by Gabriela | 12-01-2010 at 12:48 AM

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