Amazon Coupon Codes & Promotional Codes?

Does anyone know where to get a promotional code or a coupon code for Amazon that would give a very generous discount?
I'm trying to buy a product from and this would be my first time buying something from there.
I've been searching for them online but all the promo codes I find won't work in Amazon. My friend was able to find a coupon code that gave a 50% discount.
I tried it but it already expired.

asked by Genesis in Internet | 3507 views | 11-26-2010 at 09:26 PM

Most of such kind of codes can be found from site. Based on each category page, you will find "Special Offers & Promotion" session, in which you can find "Here's How" words that have most of codes there.

Amazon has been real strict on giving out coupon codes for anything higher than 10% off. Most places are giving codes that expire once you use them.
Amazon always release their promotional claim codes on the first day of the month.
The other lazy method you can use is coupon site, such as amazon discount site or, they already organize all the latest promotional codes for you.

My preferred amazon coupon site is because it has many amazon coupons and discount deals that are not expired, they update them as much as they can.

answered by Colin | 11-26-2010 at 09:27 PM

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