Leslie Frazier Vikings Head Coach?

Leslie Frazier was named as the interim head coach of the Minnesota Vikings today, becoming the first Alcorn State and SWAC graduate to hold such a position.
Childress was fired Monday, one season after he famously picked up Brett Favre at the airport, got a contract extension and came within a field goal of reaching the Super Bowl.
Leslie Frazier met with the Vikings media for the first time as interim head coach this afternoon.

As Frazier is now preparing for Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins, will he retain Brett Favre as the starting quarterback for the team? What did Leslie Frazier say about this?

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Frazierís message to the team in a meeting, and then to fans in a press conference, was to not look at the past and the problems that the team had this season. Frazier preached that the players keep focused on their next opponent.

Leslie Frazier's job will be to channel the Vikings' talent beyond the infighting and bickering that consumed players and coaches during Sunday's 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers. That process started with re-committing to Favre -- and continued with a fair restraint on him.

Frazier led the Vikings defense to a ranking in the top six of the NFL the past two seasons. But moving into the head coaching seat will bring an array of new challenges, including dealing with whether to stick with QB Brett Favre as the team's starter if the Vikings' playoff hopes continue to diminish.

Can the Vikings make the playoffs? No, but everybody has incentive to play hard and prove their worth over the final six games, under a clean slate and in an environment more conducive to success. Frazier will energize this team much like Jason Garrett has sparked the Cowboys.

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