Todd Haley & Josh McDaniels Handshake Video?

After Kansas City was crushed by the Broncos in Denver on Sunday, Chiefs Coach Todd Haley refused to shake hands with Broncos counterpart Josh McDaniels.

It’s a football tradition – no matter what happens during a game, after the final whistle blows the head coaches shake hands and give each other a disingenuous “good game.”

Is there a video of the handshake moment?
So what happened? Why did Todd Haley didn't give Josh McDaniels the handshake? All Haley would say is he didn't like what happened on the Broncos' sideline during the final minutes.

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I think the chief's coach was completely out of line and should be reprimanded and fined.
McDaniels was the winning coach yesterday period.

Haley may have been upset about the Denver defense taking a timeout with ten seconds left. McDaniels said that the timeout came from linebacker D. J. Williams. There was confusion about how the Broncos would line up on a play because McDaniels didn’t substitute defenders as usual when the Chiefs did.

Asked about the altercation, Haley said only that it was a "private" moment and that he wouldn't elaborate.

In the video you can see Josh McDaniels extending his hand to Todd Haley, who responded by pointing a finger and saying a few words back. Josh McDaniels then appeared to walk away angrily.

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