Lil Wayne Free: Released & Out of Jail?

Lil Wayne is free. He was released this morning and is now out of jail. The city's Department of Correction website said Lil Wayne had been released from the Rikers Island prison complex.

Lil Wayne server eight months of his one-year gun sentence at New York's Rikers Island.

Weezy, whose real name is Dwayne Carter Jr., was going to head home to Miami, his managers have said, where a party celebrating his release is scheduled for Sunday.

Why was Lil Wayne released before the determined date?

asked by Emily in Music | 1540 views | 11-04-2010 at 08:05 PM

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty a year ago to attempted weapon possession, admitting he'd had a loaded, semiautomatic .40-caliber gun on his tour bus after a show in 2007. Lil Wayne was sentenced to a year at Rikers and went in this past March, but got time off for good behavior despite being in solitary confinement since Oct. 4 after getting popped for possession of "music contraband."

Lil Wayne reported to prison in March after reaching a plea deal resulting from a 2007 gun charge after a Manhattan concert stop.

Now Lil Wayne will have to make a pit stop in Arizona to sign paperwork stemming from a 2008 drug case, his lawyer James Tilson and the he has to start a 36-month probation term. That unsupervised probation will be transferred to his home state of Florida.

Wayne told fans through a website that he "was never scared, worried nor bothered" behind bars. he also didn't miss a beat, watching his latest album, "I Am Not a Human Being" hit No. 1 on the chart after it was released in September while Wayne was behind bars.

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