Rand Paul Stomp: Lauren Valle & Tim Profitt Photos?

Lauren Valle and Rand Paul supporter Tim Profitt are very popular right now after the infamous stomp incident.

Lauren Valle was attempting to present Rand Paul with a fake "Employee of the Month" award as part of MoveOn.org's RepubliCorp initiative when she was wrestled down and briefly stomped on by Tim Profitt.

The incident occurred outside Kentucky Educational Television studios in Lexington prior to a scheduled debate between Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Jack Conway.

Why isn't Rand Paul saying anything about this, why is he hiding? Where can I find photos of Lauren Valle & Tim Profitt?

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Tim Profitt is trying to play down the importance of the incident, and he even went as far as asking Lauren Valle for an apology.
Tim Profitt said he used his foot to keep Lauren Valle down because he couldn't bend over due to a bad back. Profitt also said he was trying to protect the candidate, who was nearby.

Lauren Valle, said that she believed the campaign workers' violent reaction to her presence there was "premeditated," Profitt told WKYT that he thought Valle was following a strict protocol with the intent of creating controversy.

Pictures of Lauren Valle & Tim Profitt.

Lauren Valle Tim Profitt

Before the incident, Profitt was the Bourbon County coordinator for Paul. On Tuesday, the campaign distanced itself from Profitt and relieved him of his duties. Quite a turnaround considering that, the day before, Profitt's name was included on a full-page newspaper ad that included Paul supporters.

Lexington police said this afternoon that that Tim Profitt was indeed their man. "Detectives identified the suspect involved in the assault as Tim Profitt. Mr. Profitt is currently being served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear before a Fayette County District Court judge," police said in a statement.

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