UT Gunman: Shooter Photo?

Did you hear about the UT shooting today?
A gunman opened fire inside a library at the University of Texas at Austin, then shot and killed himself. The only thing known about the gunman is that he was covering his face with a black sky mask. Police and university officials urged students to stay indoors.
Is police aware of the identity of the shooter, what's his name? Who was the gunman and what were his motives for this? Where can I find a photo of the UT gunman?

asked by Casey in Law & Ethics | 1962 views | 09-28-2010 at 06:22 PM

Investigators are trying to determine what led to the gunfire. There is nothing confirmed yet but one witness said the suspect mentioned "layoffs" at the library.
Maybe the gunman worked at the UT library and he was fired. No details have been given about the manís identity or background yet.
Students reported hearing bursts of gunfire. Police confirmed the gunman was carrying an AK-47, a military-grade combat rifle. Authorities said there were currently two crimes scenes: the library where the gunman was found dead, and an area outside where he fired shots into the air.
The shooter is now dead on the sixth floor of Perry-Castaneda Library.

No photos of the gunman have been released yet.

University of Texas Chief of Police Robert Dahlstrom said there was no motive known at this time. Asked whether the gunman was dressed all in black and wearing a ski mask, Dahlstrom said, "I have not seen him. That is what I am aware of."

answered by Douglas | 09-28-2010 at 06:24 PM

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