Gracie Thompson Story?

I just watched the movie Gracie's Choice where the character Gracie Thompson is played by Kristen Bell. What's the story of Gracie Thompson?

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Gracie Thompson was the pseudonym given to a girl named Amy. Gracie Thompson was a story about a girl who fought hard to overcome challenges to keep her siblings together. A movie was made to tell her story and the stage name was given to protect the privacy of the young woman and her siblings. The film was called “Gracie’s Choice”.

Gracie made choices in her life. Gracie chose her siblings over her boyfriend as he gave her an ultimatum as he couldn’t take the problems that came with raising rebellious, growing children.

Who is the real Gracie Thompson? She is Army. Amy and her siblings were born into a home messed up by their drug addict mother. Amy tried her best to work and take care of her siblings. Amy adopted her half brothers for them to stay with her as a family. Amy worked at two jobs but she was determined to keep her family of siblings together. Amy continues to take classes and work towards her ambition of becoming a psychologist.

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Gracie Thompson is Amy in real life.

Amy had been born dead. Physicians fought and saved this smaller twin of a drug-addicted mother, and she'd had to fight for everything in life ever since.

From earliest childhood, Amy took care of her younger siblings. First it was her sister Amanda, four years younger. Then, when Amy was ten, along came Adam, followed by Joseph and finally Anthony. With a mother so often wasted -- if not gone altogether -- it frequently fell to Amy to feed and diaper the babies, lull them to sleep when they cried, and care for them when they were sick.

Once, when the children all came down with chickenpox, Amy wound up at the drugstore asking the clerk what to do. Handed some calamine, the ten-year-old stared at the instructions on the bottle, unable to make sense of them. Back home she bundled her siblings into the shower and afterward spread the lotion on them with bunched-up toilet paper. They healed.

Today Amy continues to raise her family alone, but has begun taking courses in business management at a nearby community college. Eventually, she hopes to become a child psychologist.

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Gracies Choice
I love this movie more then ever. I was inspired by this movie and actors and actresses that play the roles. I was most inspired by Gracie Thompson aka Kristen Bell. The more I watch it the more I want to be Gracie and I am more inspired each time I watch it. If anything for the Teen Mothers or The ones with a drug-addicted mother or father then GOD BLESS. I hope you can find what your or who your looking for.

answered by Purple <4 | 02-23-2011 at 12:36 PM

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