Hurricane Igor Bermuda Path?

Bermuda is on Hurricane Igor's path, with strong winds expected to produce a dangerous storm surge and flooding in coastal areas. It is due to pass as close as 17 miles to the east of Bermuda, essentially scoring a direct hit.
Bermuda issued a hurricane warning for Igor, which has sustained winds of 110 mph and is about 510 miles south- southeast of the islands, the U.S. center said in its latest advisory.
What type of damage is expected in Bermuda after Igor passes?

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Bermuda is prepared for a “direct hit” from Igor, which is expected by forecasters to pass within 11.5 miles of the island early next week. Igor is a Category 2 storm on the five- step Saffir Simpson hurricane scale.
Conditions from Hurricane Igor are expected to deteriorate Saturday as the very large hurricane stays on track to approach Bermuda this weekend.
As of early Saturday morning, Igor was about 510 miles (825 km) south-southeast of Bermuda. It packed winds of about 110 mph (175 kph) and was headed northwest at about 13 mph (20 kph).

Bermuda needs to prepare itself for the potential for serious damage from Igor. They could get over 36 hours of (at least) tropical storm force winds, and several hours of hurricane force winds. Winds of that magnitude for a long period of time could pose a big risk for major damage to the island.

Public Safety Minister David Burch said the storm will be long and punishing.

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