Here You Have Computer Virus Email?

There is a nasty virus spreading through email. The subject line is: Here you have.
In my office we received an email with the subject "Here you have," we didn't know what is was so one of the guys opened the email in his computer.
It turned out to be a serious virus, those that spread through email messages and now the entire office network is compromised.
Can anyone help me with this this? How can I get rid of the "here you have" email virus in my computer? It won't even let me run my anti virus application.

asked by Brandon in Internet | 2751 views | 09-09-2010 at 07:52 PM

I heard Morgan Stanley has it. The "here you have" email virus is attacking any computer with Microsoft Office 2007 or less.
If someone who has received the message and hasn't opened yet is reading this, please don't open the email and definitely don't click on the link as instructed.
Anything with the subject "Here You Have", should be deleted.

I heard there is a guy who is also spreading the "here you have" virus through twitter. He sends you private messages with the virus link.

If you already have it try using a good antivirus like Kaspersky.

answered by Lenny | 09-09-2010 at 07:54 PM

Morgan Stanley
Where did you hear that Morgan Stanley got hit?

answered by Nick | 09-09-2010 at 08:55 PM

A lot of companies in the United States are being attacked by this virus. The virus comes with an email message that appears to be from somebody in your company and/or contact list.

The body of the email reads, "Hello: This is The Document I told you about, you can find it Here." and there is a url.

Some organizations including NASA, Comcast, AIG, Disney, Florida Department of Transportation and Wells Fargo are just a few of the organizations apparently affected by the "here you have" worm.

answered by Lou | 09-09-2010 at 09:10 PM

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