Barry Soetoro Wikipedia?

Why is there nothing about Barry Soetoro on Wikipedia?
It seems weird that you would look up something in Wikipedia, go to it and not see anything at all about it.
The name Barry Soetoro refers to President Barack Obama. According to Prison Planet this is his real name and all of it was explained in a documentary called the “Obama Deception” which was subsequently taken down by Youtube.

If this is true, when did Barack Obama change his name from "Barry Soetoro" to his current name?

asked by Alan in Politics | 4966 views | 08-09-2010 at 07:35 PM

The name “Barry Soetoro” is the key to Obama’s past and the liberal media never mentions that name, that he used for at least his first 18 years of life, because it will trigger memories of those that knew him as Barry Soetoro.
After divorcing Obama’s father, his mother married Soetoro. Barack apparently went by "Barry Soetoro" in school but then changed his name back.

There's been a lot of controvery about Obama's previous name. Three experts say that the birth certificate released by his campaign is a forgery.

If you go to Wikipedia, reference to Barry Soetoro can be found in the body of the Wikipedia article of the president, and by clicking on some of the links in the article.

answered by Natasha | 08-09-2010 at 07:36 PM

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