North Dakota & Minnesota Tornado August 2010?

A string of tornadoes raked through southeastern North Dakota and into west central Minnesota on Saturday August 7, 2010. Most of this action was in Minnesota with one tornado appearing on the ground for almost 30 minutes.
It wasn't clear Sunday morning exactly how many separate tornadoes touched down or what the extent of the damage was. Were there any deaths cause by the tornadoes?

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The full extent of the storm damage was still being determined today. Crews were out repairing downed power lines.
At least two farms sustained damage and power lines were reported down in the region.
Storm chasers have filmed video of one of the tornadoes that touched down in Wilkin County, Minnesota as it destroyed a farm house and sent debris flying through the air.
Here's the video:

The home destroyed in the video was near the tiny community of Campbell, Minnesota according to a dispatcher with the Wilkin County Sheriff. But the owner, Al Kosel, 76, and his family weren’t home, and there were no injuries.

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