Chris Jenkins Homicide?

Chris Jenkins was a popular student at the University of Minnesota who disappeared one night in 2003. He lived near Burlington.
When Chris initially disappeared in 2002 it was classified as a missing person. He was found four months later in the Mississippi River. Police declared his death was accidental. But then Chris' death was reclassified as a homicide.
The reason of Chris Jenkins' death continues to be a mystery for his family that has never believed for once that their son had taken his own life.

What is the latest update on the Chris Jenkins homicide case?

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Dateline NBC devoted a full one hour episode to discuss the death of Chris Jenkins.
As of today the Chris Jenkins murder case remains open in the Minneapolis Police Homicide unit, but unfortunately there are no suspects.

As you said, they first thought it was a drowning but when the detectives took a look at Chris Jenkins' death, they discovered that the position of his body and other physical evidence proved that the college student didn't drown accidentally. The cause of death on Jenkins' death certificate was changed to "homicide."

The Jenkins family wondered if it was the work of a serial killer. The Jenkins case was one of several in the Midwest of college students and other young adults who disappeared in recent years, often after nights out that involved drinking. Some of them were found dead in rivers, and there had been speculation that there might be a link.

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