Jack Hanna Bear Attack: Pepper Spray Attack?

Jack Hanna, an animal expert, TV host and director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, survived an attack by a grizzly bear by spraying it with a whole canister of pepper spray.
Apparently Jack Hanna saved some people from a bear attack using pepper spray, but I don't know how exactly happened.

My mom said Jack Hanna told his story at "The Early Show" but I couldn't watch it, what did he say about the bear attack?

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Jack Hanna said he was with his wife and other hikers in Montana's Glacier National Park on Saturday when a bear cub, weighing about 125 pounds, charged them. Jack Hanna told the Columbus Dispatch that he held up a canister of pepper spray, which he takes routinely on hikes.
It took three doses, the last one right in his face, but the bear finally turned and fled.

"I unloaded the first blast and the wind blew the damn pepper spray right away," said Hanna. "He's still coming, so I blast him again about 15 feet and he's still [coming], 'roar', and he goes like that about 10 feet right in front of me. I had the pepper spray right in his face. I mean, I could just [have said] this is it for me. I just go 'pssssh' and unload the whole thing in his face."

Ironically, Hanna had recently filmed a message for the National Park Service, encouraging hikers to carry the spray.

Five years ago, a father and his daughter were severely mauled by a mother bear and her two cubs on the same hiking trail.

Hanna said he is still shaken up and said this is the first time in all of his travels that he has had to use pepper spray to fend off a wild animal.

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