Crash: Duck Boat Accident?

A six-wheeled 'duck boat' suffered a mechanical problem and a small fire after it was driven into the river off Philadelphia.

It was hit at around 7.40pm by a barge used to transport sludge and then sank minutes later.
What happened to all the people who was on the duck boat when the accident happened?
Were all rescued? What caused the crash between the duck boat and the barge?

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Recovery efforts are under way Thursday morning but are being hampered by the underwater visibility described as being just 4 inches at the wreck scene.

The 37 people aboard the six-wheeled duck boat were tossed overboard when the tugboat-pushed barge hit it after it had been adrift for a few minutes. Most were plucked from the river by other vessels in a frantic rescue operation that happened in full view of Penn's Landing, just south of the massive Ben Franklin Bridge connecting Philadelphia to New Jersey.

A total of 37 people were onboard at the time, and 35 were pulled from the water. The missing are a 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man from Hungary.

There was an engine fire, and the Ride the Ducks boat stalled out. The watercraft drifted, powerless in the Delaware. The Center City skyline loomed behind them, hazy behind the waves of 103-degree heat, and crew members told the tourists to hang tight - a rescue boat was on the way.

But then the accident happened.

While crews searched for the missing, the tour company, Norcross, Ga.-based Ride the Ducks, said Thursday that it was suspending operations nationwide, a day after it suspended its Philadelphia tours. It also operates tours in San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Newport, Ky., and Branson, Mo.

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