Fireworks Chicago 4th Of July 2010 Photos?

I have decided to go and see the 4th of July Fireworks in Chicago on Independence Day. Any advice or recommendation for me like do's and dont's?
I've been told that it's going to be way overcrowded as it is every year on the 4th of July but I'm still going to go because I want to take some good photos of the fireworks and the celebration.

Where is a good place to see the fireworks in Chicago and take some photos?

Basically, what location do you guys recommend as the best to take pictures?

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This year, the City of Chicago is spreading out its fireworks spectacular. Instead of one big show at Grant Park, fireworks will be lighting up 26 miles of Chicago's lake front with a triple play of pyrotechnics. The City has also changed the date of the celebration from July 3 to July 4.

Where to go in Chicago to see the wonderful fireworks on the 4th of July:

* Montrose Beach: North Siders can head on up to Montrose and Lake Shore Drive for a 15 minute fireworks display starting at 9:00 p.m on July 4th.
* 63rd Street Beach: The city is putting on a matching show for South Siders at 63rd and LSD at the same day and time.
* Gillson Park: head up to Gillson Park in Wilmette along Lake Michigan for their Grand Fireworks starting at 9:30 p.m. on July 3rd.
* Park Ridge: Similarly you can head just outside city limits to the Park Ridge fireworks display tonight starting at dusk at Maine East High School and listen to the soothing refrains of the Fine Arts Society Orchestra.
* I-80 Kennedy Street Exit: sit and watch the displays going off in Munster, Highland, and Hammond all at the same time.
* Navy Pier: Show starts at 9:00 as it's part of the simultaneous display with the Montrose and 63rd St. Beach show.

I found this wonderful recommendations on Chicagoist.

Many in Chicago were shocked when officials decided to take away the July 3rd Grant Park fireworks, which has been a long 30 year tradition, and instead host two tinier shows on the 4th of July. Many Chicago residents had absolutely no idea that the decision had been made.

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