Christina Hendricks Breast Measurements & Cup Size?

Christina Hendricks is one of the hottest women alive.
She revealed that she’d rather have the body of Jessica Alba. Are you kidding me? Her body is amazing.
Many people criticize her weight but I think she's alright. According to Christina Hendricks, she "breaks every healthy rule" by eating salty and creamy foods.

"I could sit down with a bag of chips and French onion dip and go to town!"
She's been gaining lots of fans due to her breast measurements.

What is Christina Hendricks's cup size and what are her measurements?

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During the interview with Health magazine, Christina Hendricks explains that her mother raised her well, she feels happy with her body and is not afraid to eat and gaining weight, in fact she admitted that the first time she went to Italy was having cappuccinos every day and gained 15 pounds. According to the sexy actress, she felt like a real women and loved it.

Though Hendricks was a dancer in her teens and never had to worry about what she ate or how much she worked out, she now has to force herself to break a sweat.

Christina Hendricks Breasts

Christina Hendricks' cup size is what's quite possibly made the Mad Men star so favorable. She was asked about her cup size recently.

Q: When I Googled your name, the third most popular search that came up was “Christina Hendricks’s cup size.” How does it feel to know that people are actually discussing that?
A: It’s weird, but it doesn’t surprise me. I made the grave mistake after one awards show of reading comments online about what I wore, and I was like, [gasps] “Oh my God, people are so mean!” I still remember all those negative comments, despite all the wonderful positivity. That’s why we’re all in therapy! [We remember] the 10 bad things that happen to us instead of the 100 nice ones.

According to most reports, Hendricks' cup size ranks as a 38-DDD - Well over the average woman. Not sure about her breast measurements though.

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Christina Hendricks is such a talented actress.
The criticism hurts her feelings, she told New York Magazine in February. "Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious, " she said.

She's one of the most popular girls on the internet because she looks like a real woman and not a walking skeleton.

answered by BBQ | 07-02-2010 at 06:04 AM

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