Lisette Lee Photo?

A 28-year-old Beverly Hills woman named Lisette Lee has been arrested at an airport in Ohio for carrying more than 500 pounds of marijuana stuffed inside at least a dozen suitcases.
Where can I see a photo of her?

Drug Enforcement Administration agent Anthony Marotta says 28-year-old Lisette Lee and three others were arrested at the airport in Columbus on Monday night. They had arrived on a plane chartered from Van Nuys, Calif.

Lisette Lee, 28, of Beverly Hills appeared in federal court Tuesday wearing a prison jumpsuit, handcuffs and leg chains.

Is there a photo of Lisette Lee?

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According to Port Columbus, Ohio police, Ms. Lee landed at the airport in a private jet, and started unloading 13 suitcases she claimed contained "equipment" that belonged to her boyfriend. Of course, the fact that she couldn't name the last name of said boyfriend may have made the FBI a tad suspicious.

Photo of Lisette Lee.

Lisette Lee

Lee allegedly told agents a friend paid her $60,000 to fly in a chartered plane to Ohio and deliver suitcases to a hotel. She said she shared the payment with an assistant and bodyguards who accompanied her.

Lisette Lee said she had no idea she was transporting drugs, but agents said they found cocaine and marijuana in her bag, along with a ledger that showed profits in excess of $300,000.
Officials say they are trying to confirm information that Lee is an heir to the Samsung electronics fortune. Agents say she told them her family has several multimillion-dollar businesses.
She is being held without bond.

Lisette Lee was charged with felony counts of possession of marijuana and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

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