PHOTOS: Gary Coleman Death Pictures?

Gary Coleman's death took place after suffering from a brain hemorrhage. Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price, who was at his side at his final hour and the one who authorized doctors to "pull the plug", has since been rumored to have exclusive pictures of the moment of Gary Coleman's death.

Now she sold the controversial photos to a magazine and made a lot of many with her husband's death pictures.

Also, I heard she posed in the pictures while they were being taken by a photographer. How can she do something like this? Gary Coleman's family must be so angry right now.

asked by Chance in Controversy | 2541 views | 06-09-2010 at 08:09 PM

The death pictures, which were taken in the hospital, include one where Gary is in dead in the bed. They were bought by Globe mag.

Who on earth would take such a photo?

Gary Coleman's wife is messed up. That 911 call was the first thing that made me suspicious she might have killed Gary. If your husband is bleeding from his head, then you're supposed to help him and do anything you can for him. I can't imagine someone telling the 911 operator that there "is blood everywhere, and I can't deal with it."

This situation is growing increasingly weird, if not suspicious. Since then, she has reportedly tried to sell additional interviews at increasingly high prices.

The death photos were shot from an hour before Gary Colemanís death to just after he was taken off life support. Iím sure theyíll be appearing online soon.

A source notes that the photos "are so tasteless that none of the glossy magazines wanted to bid on them. This allowed Globe to get them so cheap."

answered by Skye | 06-09-2010 at 08:11 PM

One picture of Gary Coleman which also features his ex-wife Shannon Price, is in the cover of the new issue of the magazine and a second photo accompanies an article suggesting Gary was murdered.

His ex-wife allegedly sold the disturbing pictures. She obviously hated Gary Coleman and is happy that he is dead.

answered by Kolton | 06-10-2010 at 05:13 PM

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